Chapter 2. EyeDB server

Table of Contents

Checking server status
Starting and stopping server

Checking server status

In the following sections, we assume that you are running all the EyeDB tools under the same Unix user as the one used when installing EyeDB, in order not to be forced to create a new EyeDB user and give this new user the necessary authorizations to create a database. In case this assumption is not valid, please refer to the administration guide for further information about creating a user and assigning a user database creation permission.

For any EyeDB operation, a server must run on your computer. To check if a server is running, use the following command:

	    eyedbctl status

If a server is running, this command will print a message like:

EyeDB Server running since Mon Dec 10 13:42:51 2007

  Version       V2.8.4
  Date          Dec 10 2007 12:51:35
  Architecture  x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
  Program Pid   8778
  Running Under eyedb

  Listening on  localhost:6240
  Datafile Directory /share

  No Clients connected.

If no server is running, it will print an error message such as:

No EyeDB Server is running on localhost:6240