The single user installation

This type of installation is the simplest one and does not require superuser rights; it can be done immediately after compiling EyeDB and require no extra steps. However, it cannot support multiple users accessing EyeDb databases and automaticaly starting EyeDB on machine boot is less easy to seup.

This installation is done by selecting, when configuring EyeDB, a prefix directory where the user compiling EyeDB has write permission, for instance:

	    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/eyedb

Installing EyeDB

After building, install EyeDB by running make install. This will install the files in the directories specified when configuring EyeDB.

Installing requires having write permission in the specified directory.

Uninstalling can be done by running make uninstall. Note that this command will not remove created directories.

Post-installation setup

After installing EyeDB, a post-installation setup script must be run once, to initialize the system. This script is located in subdirectory share/eyedb/tools under the prefix directory and is named

The script must be run under the user compiling EyeDB, as in:

==== Starting EyeDB server
Starting EyeDB Server
Version      V2.8.8
Compiled     Aug 13 2009 20:24:11
Architecture x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Program Pid  9388
==== Creating EYEDBDBM database
==== Stopping EyeDB server
Killing EyeDB Server Pid 9388