EyeDB Getting started

François Déchelle

Eric Viara

This document is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 unported Licence.



Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. EyeDB server
Checking server status
Starting and stopping server
3. Databases
Creating a database
Defining a simple schema with ODL
Creating and updating objects with the OQL interpreter
Querying objects using the OQL interpreter
Manipulating objects using OQL
Updating the database schema
Adding indexes
Adding constraints
Removing classes and schema
4. Using the C++ Binding
Generating the specific C++ binding
A minimal client program
Compiling and running the application
5. Using the Java Binding
Generating the Java code
A minimal client program
Compiling and running the application
6. Learning more about EyeDB

List of Examples

3.1. The ODL schema
3.2. Generating the ODL schema from a database
3.3. Checking the database schema using eyedboql
4.1. A minimal C++ client
4.2. The Makefile generated by eyedbodl
4.3. A C++ function to create objects
4.4. A C++ function to query objects
5.1. A Java minimal client