The EyeDB C++ Binding

The C++ binding maps the EYEDB object model into C++ by introducing a generic API and a tool to generate a speficic C++ API from a given schema, built upon the generic API.

The generic C++ API is made up of about one hundred of classes such as some abstract classes as the object and class classes and some more concrete classes such as the database and image classes.

Each type in the EYEDB object model is implemented as a C++ class whithin the C++ API: there is a one for one mapping between the object model and the C++ API.
This mapping follows a very simple naming scheme: each C++ class mapped from a type has the name of this type prefixed by the namespace eyedb.
For instance, the object type in the EYEDB object model is mapped to the eyedb::Object C++ class and the agregat type is mapped to the eyedb::Agregat C++ class.

To avoid writing each time the full qualified type name (i.e. eyedb::type), you may use the C++ instruction using namespace eyedb.

We are going to introduce the main classes and methods through some simple examples.

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